Course Description

Golf Course Schenley ParkWhat makes a certain golf course standout among its rivals? Does it have to be wide? Or does it need to have breathtaking scenery? Or maybe the challenging and unique courses defines it all? But the architects of Schenley Park Golf Course Jason Roberts and Jack Arthur proved that in order to stand out, you have to be unique. It’s the combination of having a unique and challenging course coupled with the magnificent view but it does not have to be wide. The 6219 yards of landscape was transformed into brilliant 18-hole course. The fourth hole of the 18-hole course is covered with snow during winter season which is why the Fore Magazine labeled it as “The Hidden Gem” of the course.

A combination of Kikuyu grass, bent and poa annua grass, and Kentucky blue grass and fescue grass makes up the landscape of the whole course. This makes the landscape of the course patch-free though it needs a lot of maintenance but it really is worth it. It also makes walking on the course more enjoyable and relaxing.

With each hole on the course, a breathtaking view awaits you. You will be left with wonder on how the designers have come up with the idea of balance between making the course as challenging as it is and still preserving the authenticity of the amazing views.

Charles Schwab Cup Championship - Final RoundFrom being a residential area, it has become one of the breathtaking and challenging course in the world. It has live up to the expectation of every member and guests who choose to play here. With the inspiring view at each hole, the course always takes your breath away every time you experience its challenging 18-hole course and its scenic views.


The course includes a driving range and a practice area. All equipments and areas can be used during a tournament, if needed.

Golf Shop

One of the qualities of being recognized as one of the best courses in the world is service, equipment, and the flexibility of the venue to handle request and reservations. The Schenley Golf Club Golf Shop offers a variety of equipments such as golf clubs, golf cart, and other golf shoes which are available for rental. In addition, the shop also provides a services which could cater the needs and requests of the customers for their events that will be held at the course itself. We also offer the highest possible quality of service that we can offer in order for the customer’s satisfaction.