Club Rules

First Tee PittsBurghThe Schenley Park Golf Course is a semi-private course. Only members and their guests can have access on this course. Also, contestants in club or member sponsored tournaments may use the facilities and services offered. To those guests who checked-in at Montevista and Holiday Inn Clark, they have the full privilege for services and facilities on the course. Shops inside the course have rentals for golf carts, golf clubs, and golf shoes for those who doesn’t have any. Guests should be accompanied by members during strolling and playing.

  • Golf Course is open from 6:00 am until 6:00 pm every day.
  • Club House is open from 6:00 am until 8:00 pm every day.

Club House Rules and Regulations

  1. Wear the appropriate uniform when you are inside the course.
    1. Soft spikes is a must.
    2. Jeans/shorts with holes and rivets are not allowed.
    3. Polo is required for the upper clothes.
  2. Green fee rate is only applicable to a non-playing guests.
  3. Golfers must be held responsible for injuries, damage, or loss of equipment within the club.
  4. Mimosa Golf Course members are priority at all times. The Starter or Marshall can allow member to stroll the course and play without the assistance of a Schenley Park Golf Course member.
  5. Reservations and tee time can be cancelled by the Club only.

Rules of Play

  1. The course should be played 4 hours and 40 minutes tops. The club can remove any golfer from the course if they are consuming more time is a single hole which could affect the overall usage of the course.
  2. A group of 3 or 4 will have the privilege to be a priority on the course. A group of 5 composed only of members can also be a priority as long as faster players are playing.
  3. Players less than the group of players stated above is placed on a waiting list. Limited access on the reservations of equipment for them and on the course. They are also not allowed to reserve tee times.
  4. Players can take a break not more than 5 minutes. If so, they will be remove from their standing on the course.
  5. Players must take their lunch after 9 holes for them not to be remove from the course.
  6. If in any case there will be problems on the course, players are advised to file a complaint form available on the Pro Shop after the course has been finished or the play is over.