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Caring For The Fairways And Grass On Your Lawn In General

Nobody wants a fairway or even their lawn filled with brown dead grasses. It’s just not appeasing and denotes a negative perspective to the lawn owners. Which is why, here are some reasons for dying grasses and some lawn care tips on what can be done to nourish the grasses and keep them green and healthy.



Here are some Tips for healthier grass:

  1. Drought is one of the major and common reasons of dying grass. It is very common concern throughout the country and obviously it generally happens during the summer. One common mistake people make during summer season is by not watering their lawns. When there is not enough rain to wet the grounds then it would spell out disaster for the lawn grasses. So do we have a solution for these dead grasses? If the grasses are totally dead then there is no way to bring them back but when the grasses are just dormant then constant irrigation for a month or more will surely bring them back.
  2. Thatch is the decomposed cut grasses or other plant substance that accumulate around the grasses. These thatches are most of the times the reason for dried or brown area of the lawn. Removing deep and thick thatches, and retaining just three fourths inch only, helps the grasses breath.
  3. Mowing is basically the most common way of taking care of the lawn but improperly carrying out of the job can be a disaster. During summer regularly mow your lawn but leave the grasses with the 2 ½ – 3 inches of length to sustain their growth in the heat and not drying their roots.
  4. Water the lawn regularly during summer but be sure to water them deeply. Shallow watering may result to weaker roots and these roots will definitely dry out in the summer heat; thus an inch of water enables the grasses to have a deeper root. Water only when necessary and when the grasses appear to be wilted.
  5. Too much watering, too much fertilization and obvious negligence will always damage your lawn because these will attract pests and damage the plants. We have allotted a whole regarding this issue and you will have to read them on how to get rid of these pests.
  6. For lawns adjacent to the roads, salt damage is pretty common in areas where the salt is used on roads to remove ice – in states where there is a lot of snow. Soaking these areas with water may help dilute the salt but when and if the damage is very serious then you have to consider reseeding that particular lawn area.
  7. Your pets may relieve themselves in an area of your lawn. If these happen, you have to constantly water the area until the grasses recover and consequently discipline your pets.
  8. Noticeable scattered brown segments in the lawn may be caused by fungi. There are so many kinds of fungi that can damage the lawn and when that happen you will have to call in the experts.

I hope these general tips are useful for everyone.  Thanks